What is an EnerGuide label?

An EnerGuide label lets you know how much energy a house uses in a year, kind of like the mileage rating on a car.  The lower the rating, the less energy the house uses, and the more comfortable it will be to live in.

What is the best rating I can get?

Zero Gigajoules (GJ) is the lowest and best rating you can get, and that would be for a house that produces as much energy as it uses (usually with solar photovoltaic panels).   This is also called a Net-Zero house.

What’s the difference between a home inspection and an energy assessment?

Home Inspection: Visual inspection of the property’s condition to identify if something isn’t working properly or is unsafe, if repairs are needed, and possibly if there were problems in the past.

Energy Assessment: An analysis of a home’s entire building envelope (i.e. the heat loss of the home), space and water heating equipment and ventilation system. Homeowners receive customized recommendations to help you save energy and money.