Ontario home buyers have every right to energy information.

The Ontario government needs to deliver on its transparency commitment to Ontarians.

Every home buyer has a right to know what energy costs will be before they choose a house. And everyone selling an efficient home deserves to be rewarded for environmental responsibility. That’s why the Ontario government committed to universal energy labelling of homes within the Green Energy and Economy Act of 2009. Under this legislation, every resale home would require an audit that discloses energy consumption in plain numbers. Buyers know what monthly costs of home ownership will be. Sellers are rewarded for above-average home energy performance. Ontario benefits as it becomes a cleaner, greener, more efficient province that's tackling climate change. More than 125 organizations across Ontario support universal home energy labeling.

It's easy to understand why this kind of energy transparency is a triple win, but the Ontario government needs to make it happen.  The Home Energy Transparency Coalition exists to support the Ontario government as it implements universal home energy labelling for resale homes. 


Looking for more information? Click here for Natural Resources Canada's guide on the EnerGuideTM Home Evaluation. You can also read more about EnerGuideTM rating gigajoules per year scale by clicking here.  

Ontario Home Buyers Deserve Energy Transparency

Right now the Ontario government needs to hear your voice to make home energy labelling a reality. When you shop for appliances you know how much energy each model will use before you buy. When you're choosing a new car, fuel consumption figures are easy to see for all models. Your home uses more energy than all other parts of your life combined. That's why you need trusted information about how much energy different houses consume. Universal home energy labelling means different things to different people.

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